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         Whole-Being Healing Testimonials

Love is what you are about above all else. Seeing myself through your eyes, realizing that you know truly who I am, helps me to accept myself and to believe I am worthy of all good things. Thank you for showing me what it's like to walk the path with an open heart. W.W.

You have such beautiful grace in the way you touch every person who comes to you for healing. Often, I have

quietly thought of you as my mentor, as you have been completely essential to my growth on my spiritual and personal path. I extend the sincerest thanks to you for always making it safe for me and teaching me that what I see is just me connecting with my higher self. It's so refreshing to be in complete trust with someone who doesn't judge me and think I 'm bonkers! J.

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Whole-Being Healingis a co-creative process between each person, Spirit, and Charlynn. This process seeks to weave unity within our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Illness and dis-ease reveal mis-alignment within our being. We have become disconnected from the ideal of our spiritual essence through trauma, repetitive thought patterns, and outdated beliefs. Whole-Being Healing uses many modalities toward bringing each person into their own alignment, honoring and encouraging their spiritual path and practice. 

Charlynn Atiam is a wholeness catalyst. Through a deep abiding belief in each person's wholeness she begins each session with creating unity and setting sacred intention. Each session is unique to each person as their desires are brought to the table. Charlynn works with the energies of crystals, minerals, essential oils, sound vibration, Reiki, shamanic tools, and intuitive capabilities. Her gifts are in assisting people in weaving unity within their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies. It is in this integration that true healing and wholeness takes place.

Our healing room and space is powerfully intentional. Everything within this space has meaning; encouraging and inspiring our integration and wholeness. The stained glass windows impart their colors and message of wholeness through unification of our masculine and feminine. The lotus candles represent the light and passion that burns in each of our energy centers. Crystals and minerals are placed about the room radiating their energies that focus on our entirety. The essence of wise ones, of all cultures, offer their blessings. The flow of water, the plants that grow, the colors of the walls, the floor, the ceiling. One feels the healing energy of this space walking into the room. 

Everything is vibrational,including the thoughts we think, the anatomy within us, and the dis-eases and mis-alignments that keep us from living our best life. Charlynn and whole-being healing works at this vibrational level to co-create and re-create alignment within. She helps each person to understand how they can shift their beliefs, energies, and vibrational patterns to create wholeness within and a new way of being.

Whole-being Healing recognizes our sacred connection to the earth, how our physical bodies are composed of materials from the earth, and how we need to reconnect with Earth Mother's energies. We are creating a private garden space outside the healing room where people may integrate their healing experience upon the Earth Mother. It will have spaces to lie upon the earth, to journal, to sun bathe, to just BE and receive. Just outside this private healing garden is the red-roses wedding site and rainbow gardens of Weaving Unity Center. When one feels complete with their private time in the whole-being healing garden they are welcome to spend time at the rest of the center and its gardens, Lodge, and other sacred spaces.