Wedding Testimonials

From the moment of our first meeting, I felt you were our partner in co-creation -facilitating the emergence of a ceremony that reflected who S. and I were as individuals and as partners. If I had not felt such comfort with you, I would not have been able to be so fully myself on our wedding day. The experience of being fully myself, of participating in a ceremony with S. that reflected us to intimately, what we experienced and shared as a couple, of being childlike in my delight, of allowing love to flow through us in the blessing we sang was made possible by you being you! R.

Deep gratitude is filling my heart for the role you played in helping us to create the marriage ceremony that was so reflective of us. The ceremony reverberates throughout my being and intertwines my very cells with R's and with Holy Oneness...You listened  and integrated and reflected back out our spirits in concrete ideas. I felt our process of co-creation as sacred. You have a special gift and I am so grateful that J. led us your way. S.
M. and I really want to thank you for performing our beautiful wedding ceremony. So many people commented on what a spiritual and loving ceremony it was and we are so grateful to you for providing it for us! I think the best part of the day is that during our ceremony, M. and I really heard your words and let them sink in to us. It really enriched our whole experience and we felt so connected on a much deeper level. M. & R. T. Thank you for the wonderful words you spoke at A. & C.'s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and we'll remember it always. You are very special. Mother of the Bride

Charlynn is a Non-denominational minister who is professional, experienced, attentive, caring, and engaging. She offers a personalized ceremony, location of your choice, rehearsals included in fee, and support before, during, and after your wedding day, as well as a memorabilia album of your customized ceremony. Charlynn's spiritual beliefs, based in one divine creator and unconditional love, create a foundation of support for your own personal beliefs. 

She supports you in having the wedding of your dreams. Each couple is unique and deserves to have their wedding day be everything they envision. Your beliefs, style, and desires are honored and embraced. She provides a ceremony that is truly based in Love, and can be customized, personalized, and made your own. Her specialty is in creating truly customized ceremonies in word, ritual, and space. Charlynn's strength as a wedding officiant is the emotional and physical support she offers each couple; she has a gift or 'reading' one's emotional state and has blessed many couples in helping them throughout the ceremony. Charlynn's support goes beyond the co-creation of your ceremony and wedding day; she is available for relationship and spiritual counseling/coaching. Many couples choose to look at all aspects of their relationship before their wedding day to bring into alignment any aspects that may bring challenges. She is inspirational and practical in her approach offering an outside vantage point.

Your wedding day is meant to be a day of sharing love, joy, laughter, and celebration. Charlynn has an ability to lighten and bring back joy where there is stress. She weaves laughter into the ceremony encouraging you to relax in joy. You are filled with a love that encircles you, embodied by the nurturance of  a skilled, sensitive officiant.  Charlynn will arrive up to one hour early on your wedding day to offer emotional support, make sure all is going smoothly, and then meditates on the safe arrival of your guests, your ceremony, the day itself, and that Love presides over your wedding. This co-creation is the joy of her heart and soul, she has never been sick or missed a wedding day and cannot imagine it. 

Charlynn will meet you free of charge that you may connect and feel she is the right officiant for your wedding day. She will bring the ceremony for you to view and read through. Her fees include your customized wedding ceremony, the rehearsal (if needed), taking care of the signatures and sending of your wedding license, and a personalized memorabilia album of your ceremony.

The Ceremony is based in Love, holds all parts of a traditional ceremony yet modernized to reflect today's values.

The foundational format is as follows with all possibilities of additional options of readings, music, and rituals:

   * The Acknowledgement: as the couple come to the 'altar' of the ceremony Charlynn has created an acknowledgement of both sides of the family, honoring those people who are significant to you, releasing (if the couple chooses) the older "who gives this woman to be married?" question. 

    * The Welcome: welcomes the guests and weaves a line of breathing and relaxing with lightness.

   * The Invocation or Opening Blessing: here the couple chooses how to address the divine, if at all. This brings a blessing to the couple, their guests, and the wedding.

    * The Address: speaks to what marriage is and bringing the uniqueness of your individual selves into your union.

    * Your Vows: share your commitment to one another in words that honor your values and beliefs.

    * The Ring Blessing: honors the power of the circle and how it relates to your wedding rings.

    * The Ring Exchange: places your rings upon your fingers embracing the "love that encircles your heart".

    * The Closing Blessing: offers an opportunity for your guests to send you their wishes and then gives you a blessing for the years ahead. 

    * The Declaration, Kiss, and Presentation: closes the ceremony with declaring you as married, sealing your marriage with a kiss and presenting you to your guests.

Charlynn offers many additions to the ceremony including the Hug Fest, the Unity Candle Ceremony, the Sand Ceremony, and Guests Support of Vows, just to name a few. There are many readings available if you would like to include any guests as readers. You can weave music into the ceremony and any other possibilities you can think of. 



Weddings of Love is Charlynn's offering to couples who have set the date to reflect their love in ceremony. She holds incredible space for couples to share their words and energy of love to their family, friends and the world. 

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