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Our Weaving Unity Healing Ceremonyis a 'Spiritual Sauna'. It is the weaving unity of world teachings; from the Lemurian living in harmony with all life, to the indigenous cultures from around the world and their beliefs that Spirit is within all life, to the Kybalion/7 Hermetic Principles, including the teaching "As above, so below; as below, so above", to the Law of Attraction  We embrace that all life is sacred, has an indwelling spirit that is an aspect of the Divine. Our  intention is to create a safe, sacred space where all people may embody their wholeness, heal, be honored in their personal process, and purify mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Everyone is welcome to our Ceremony. Each month we offer our Spiritual Sauna Ceremony. Our belief is that if you found your way to our Ceremony, it was Spirit that directed you. We plan the dates of our Ceremonies on a weekend date closest to the new moon, for planting the seeds of our intentions. Each Ceremony is followed with a community potluck meal of freshly prepared soup and salad bar (please email ahead to see what to bring). We ask for a donation of $40 per person, which covers costs of materials, upkeep of our ceremonial site, and the land. We appreciate and accept donations beyond that to build further upon the land. We look forward to having you join us, and if you are new to our Ceremony experience please read on for more information. 

How to prepare/ what to wear/ what to bring: 

* Hydrate well the week before, especially Friday and Saturday.

* Avoid alcohol or other conscious altering drugs on Friday night,

   as the heat can create a detox process. 

* Ceremony Clothes: clothing is mandatory!

   loose cotton preferred: shorts, t-shirt, sarong, loose dress.

   NO bathing suits!

* Bring two towels: one for in the Ceremony and one for after.

* Dry set of clothes to change into after the Ceremony.

* Closed toed shoes for around the fire. 

* Light lunch or snack, especially if blood sugar drops are an issue for you.

* A journal if you desire. 

Our Ceremony Protocol: Our rules of protocol are simple and we ask that you honor them. 

* Be respectful for all life; including spiders, bugs, Charlynn's animals, etc.  

* All that happens at our Ceremony stays at the Ceremony. Honor each person's process. 

* If you need assistance please ask, in honoring your process we do not wish to intrude or offer unsolicited advise.

Coverings for the body are required.

* No bathing suits; cotton clothing is best.

* Honor our Ceremony leader; she is holding the space to ensure the best for everyone. Please ask to leave the Ceremony or speak out of turn.

Ceremony Schedule (what to expect): This schedule is an overview of the day. Every Ceremony is different depending on how many people are here, the types of rounds Spirit calls for, and group participation. So sometimes the timing is different from what you read below and we move into ceremonial time which allows us to be fully in our bodies and release the have-to's of daily living. We welcome your participation in all that we offer for the whole day. It is recommended that you stay for the meal after the Ceremony so that you are fully grounded before driving.

* Arrival for Fire Ceremony: center in, introductions, prepare to go to ceremonial site.  

* Fire Ceremony: 9am (winter, spring, fall months),  3pm (summer months). Not mandatory, yet creates a full Ceremony experience. Set intentions, choose stones for Ceremony, call in directions, build and start the fire. Everyone can participate in all aspects.

* Dress our Spiritual Sauna:  We 'dress' our sauna in rainbow fabric representing the gift of color from Spirit and all that the rainbow symbolizes to each of us. 

* Arrival for Ceremony:Noon (winter, spring, fall months), 6pm (summer months). ALL PEOPLE ARRIVE BY THIS TIME!!

* Prepare for Ceremony: Change into Ceremony clothes. Special teachings depending on Ceremony intention.

* Ceremony entry: 1pm (winter, spring, summer months),  6pm (summer months). We begin the Spiritual Sauna part of our Ceremony.

We enter to connect with Source through prayer, song, or silence that we may heal our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

We pause at the door realizing we enter a sacred space. Some kneel, others honor their spiritual traditions. 

We move around in our sacred space clockwise to find our place to sit. This builds energy. Each color and direction holds a different energy, sit where you resonate. If you are concerned with claustrophobia please let Charlynn know.  

* Ceremony sequence: consist of bringing in the hot stones, closing the door, setting an intention for that segment, and following the intention.

There are usually four segments, sometimes 5.  

When the stones are brought in they are honored as part of our healing team with silence or a greeting, no personal chatting at this time.

After the door is closed, a prayer is offered and the intention is set for the round. 

Plant leaves, sap, or oils are place upon the heated stones for their healing benefits. No hallucinogens are used in our Ceremony.

There are prayer segments where each person is given opportunity to offer their prayers. Please stay focused on the segment's intention, do not           preach or offer personal stories. You can offer your prayers with words or silence. When complete say "ho", to let others know you are done.

Each segment holds a different intention and aspect to healing; we ask that you try to complete all four segments. It the heat get too hot, lie down and get near the earth. If you need to leave during a round, respectfully get the attention of the Ceremony leader and ask for the door. Please stay in place until the door is opened for your safety. If you are feeling ill please let the leader know.

After the segment is complete the door is opened drinking water is brought in to re-hydrate. You may go outside, please return quickly.  

Silence is asked for in between rounds to honor those still in prayer.

You are welcome to sit out a segment and return for the next one. 

* Ceremony Completion: is after the final segment.

Leaving after your final segment is your time of conscious rebirth. You have spent sacred time in the womb, of releasing what no longer serves you, now rebirth yourself anew into the world. Take time at the doorway, giving thanks, and enter the world consciously. 

Change into clean, dry, warm clothes. There is a cold water shower available. 

Remove the rugs and hang on fence. Sometimes we undress the Spiritual Sauna. 

Retire to the house for our nutritious meal. Take all your belongings with you, leaving a clean site. 

Please help to clean up your dishes and with the kitchen after the meal. 

Our Weaving Unity Healing Ceremony is dedicated to Oneness and our wholeness.

We create a ceremony based in Love (the only true healer),

honoring each person's presence, their process and spiritual beliefs.

It is our intention to create a safe and sacred space.

Welcome to Our Weaving Unity

Healing Ceremony

of hearts, community, & Spirit

Weaving Unity

2017 Ceremony Dates

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to our Ceremony please

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Our Weaving Unity Healing Ceremony: We refer to our Spiritual Sauna as 'Grandmother', in respect to the beliefs that everything has its own energy She holds unconditional loving space to accept you as you are. She will accept all that you choose to release and transmute it; to her it is just energy. This is the third 'dome' we have built at the retreat Center and this ‘Grandmother’ requested we build her in copper. She reminds us that it is our human nature to be a conduit of energy and Love between Heaven and Earth, as her copper is a conduit of energy creating the sphere that surrounds us when we enter. Every dome holds a vibration of energy, sometimes influenced by their keepers, sometimes with the intention of why they were built. The domes we have built here at Weaving Unity Retreat Center have always held the sacred intention of healing. When this dome was built, the energy of healing was changed to wholeness, honoring that each of us is truly whole already within our soul and often the body needs a tune-up, release of old traumas, or re-membering that can come about in sacred space. ‘Grandmother’ welcomes you within Her sacred space that you may experience all that you come to experience. Bless you in the journey.

A Note to those with claustrophobia or fear of the darkness that may be afraid to experience this Ceremony. Many of these fears can be caused by our birth experience; long labors, birth canal issues, and the modern impersonal birthing techniques. This Ceremony experience can be very healing if you are ready to honor the fears and move through them. There are always people on hand that have gone through these experiences that can 'midwife' a new experience for you. I have had several people who have needed to honor their fears with their own processing, who have stayed through the four rounds and later shared that the experience changed their lives forever. Remember that the metaphor of this is the womb of the mother, unconditionally loving and accepting. Leaving the doorway after the final segment is your opportunity to re-frame your birth experience in a whole new way.


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Ceremony space limited. Please RSVP to Charlynn@weavingunity.com

$40 donation to cover Ceremony materials, and to help support the land. 

Payable by cash or check on Ceremony day or by your paypal account to charlynn@weavingunity.com.

Work trade days available.   Overnight accommodations available.

Potluck salad bar and soup after Ceremony, please email charlynn@weavingunity.com to see what to bring.

 Ceremony Testimonials
Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony experience! It was beyond anything I expected or imagined and I really appreciate everything you did to make it so amazing.
   J.I want to thank you for such a wonderful day at your ceremony. Additionally, for being so warm, welcoming, loving, positive, supportive, and nurturing. I had the most wonderful time and I didn't realize how much I truly needed to be there. Z.

I wish that I could find the words that would effectively express the effect that you have had on my life.  I literally weeped for joy at the beauty of the forest on the drive home.  Every falling leaf seemed to sing a hymn that touched my very soul.  I seem to see more than I ever have and everything that I see is beautiful, not just in it's external form but also in it's kinship, it's soul sharing, with me.  I feel reborn, in the truest sense of the word.  I thank you, my sister, I thank you from the deepest and warmest part of my Self.  D.M.