Ceremony space limited. Please RSVP to Charlynn@weavingunity.com

$40 donation to cover Ceremony materials, and to help support the land. 

Payable by cash or check on Ceremony day or by your paypal account to charlynn@weavingunity.com.

Work trade days available.   Overnight accommodations available.   

Potluck salad bar and soup after Ceremony, please email charlynn@weavingunity.com to see what to bring.

Ceremony Testimonials

Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony experience! It was beyond anything I expected or imagined and I really appreciate everything you did to make it so amazing.
   J.I want to thank you for such a wonderful day at your ceremony. Additionally, for being so warm, welcoming, loving, positive, supportive, and nurturing. I had the most wonderful time and I didn't realize how much I truly needed to be there. Z.

I wish that I could find the words that would effectively express the effect that you have had on my life.  I literally weeped for joy at the beauty of the forest on the drive home.  Every falling leaf seemed to sing a hymn that touched my very soul.  I seem to see more than I ever have and everything that I see is beautiful, not just in it's external form but also in it's kinship, it's soul sharing, with me.  I feel reborn, in the truest sense of the word.  I thank you, my sister, I thank you from the deepest and warmest part of my Self.  D.M.   

Welcome to Our Spiritual Sauna Ceremony and Community 

Our Spiritual Sauna is dedicated to Oneness and our wholeness. 
We create a ceremony based in Love (the only true healer), 

Here we honor each person's presence, their process and spiritual beliefs. 

It is our intention to create a safe and sacred space.

Questions? Desire to make an appointment?
Please fill in form  & submit.
Charlynn will get back to you within 24 hours.

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WeavingUnity.com charlynn@weavingunity.com 831-246-2996

20200 Big Basin Way   Boulder Creek, CA   95006

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Weaving Unity Healing Ceremony Information

Our Weaving Unity Healing Ceremonyis a 'Spiritual Sauna', similar to the Indigenous Sweat Lodge. We embrace that all life is sacred, has an indwelling spirit that is an aspect of the Divine. Our  intention is to create a safe, sacred space where all people may embody their wholeness, heal, be honored in their personal process, and purify mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Everyone is welcome to our Ceremony. Each month we offer our Spiritual Sauna Ceremony. Our belief is that if you found your way to our Ceremony, it was Spirit that directed you. We plan the dates of our Ceremonies on a weekend date closest to the full moon, for inviting our inner light to shine. Each Ceremony is followed with a community potluck meal of freshly prepared soup and salad bar (please email ahead to see what to bring). We ask for a donation of $40 per person, which covers costs of materials, upkeep of our ceremonial site, and the land. We appreciate and accept donations beyond that to build further upon the land. We offer work-trade weekends so that money is never an obstacle to ceremony. We look forward to having you join us, and if you are new to our Ceremony experience please read on for more information. 

How to prepare/ what to wear/ what to bring: 

* Hydrate well the week before, especially Friday and Saturday.

* Avoid alcohol or other conscious altering drugs on Friday night,

   as the heat can create a detox process. 

* Ceremony Clothes: clothing is mandatory!

   loose cotton preferred: shorts, t-shirt, sarong, loose dress.

   NO bathing suits!

* Bring two towels: one for in the Ceremony and one for after.

* Dry set of clothes to change into after the Ceremony.

* Closed toed shoes for around the fire. 

* Light lunch or snack, especially if blood sugar drops are an issue for you.

* A journal if you desire. 

Our Ceremony Protocol: Our rules of protocol are simple and we ask that you honor them. 

* Be respectful for all life; including spiders, bugs, Charlynn's animals, etc.  

* All that happens at our Ceremony stays at the Ceremony. Honor each person's process. 

* If you need assistance please ask, in honoring your process we do not wish to intrude or offer unsolicited advise.

Coverings for the body are required.

* No bathing suits; cotton clothing is best.

* Honor our Ceremony leader; she is holding the space to ensure the best for everyone. Please ask to leave the Ceremony or speak out of turn.

Community Spiritual Sauna   April 28th   All Welcome

Fire Ceremony @ 9am, please join us or arrive by noon.​
Please rsvp to charlynn @weavingunity.com at least 3 days ahead. 
Ask what you can bring to our salad bar potluck after each Ceremony.

Community Ceremonies: All Welcome
Women's Sauna Ceremonies:
January 27   Fire Ceremony @ 9am, Sauna @ noon

March 11         Fire Ceremony @ 9am, Sauna @ noon
​March 31     Fire Ceremony @ 9am, Sauna @noon
April 28         Fire Ceremony @ 9am, Sauna @ noon

May 26           Fire Ceremony @ 3pm, Sauna @ 6pm

June 23          Fire Ceremony @ 3pm, Sauna @ 6pm

July 28           Fire Ceremony @ 3pm, Sauna @ 6pm

Aug. 25           Fire Ceremony @ 3pm, Sauna @ 6pm

Sept. 8      ​Fire Ceremony @ 3pm, Sauna @ 6pm
Sept. 22          Fire Ceremony @ 9am, Sauna @ noon

Oct. 20           Fire Ceremony @ 9am, Sauna @ noon

Nov. 17           Fire Ceremony @ 9am, Sauna @ noon

Dec. 22            Fire Ceremony @ 9am, Sauna @ noon

2018 Ceremony Dates

Spiritual Sauna: Our Healing Ceremony 

Weaving Unity Retreat Center