Art for Soul's Sake

Art for Soul's Sake are workshops to embrace our Soul's creativeness. In a world that has become very left brain dominant (linear, logical, and analytical, thinking, number skills, lists, connecting new information with old, and connecting our internal world to our external world giving us the feeling of being separate from one another) we often loose the connection to art and our ability to create from a spiritual, connected space. Encouraging and inspiring creativity is to balance the brain using all that we have been gifted. The right brain offers us art and music awareness, rhythm, imagination, intuition, insight, visual imagery, holistic thought and awareness. The right brain 'thinks' holistically in pictures, it learns kinesthetically through the body, is responsible for bringing our awareness to the present, and part of the brain that connects us to each other. Charlynn was a stained glass artisan for 24 years and brings art in various forms to workshops, ceremonies, and into the center so that we may more deeply connect to our Soul, right brain, and to bring balance into our lives through creativity.  

Seasonal Ceremonies & Full Moon Gatherings

Celebrating the Seasons honors our place upon the Earth. Indigenous peoples around the world honor the changing of the seasons and the moon cycles; how they affected all life upon the earth and our relationship to it. Creating ritual and ceremony to honor these changes and ancient teachings helps us to stay grounded, in tune, aligned, and supported by the Earth, our Soul, and the Spirit that dwells within all life. Charlynn creates ceremony that honors the teachings of the Medicine Wheel; a multi-leveled philosophy that embraces the stages of our lives, the seasons of the year, the times of day, the elements, and much more. Here we come to understand our place upon the great wheel of life and how we are an integral part of the Web of Life. Within these ceremonies are ritual, play, art projects and more. 

Please check our calendar for ceremonies schedule during the year.

Shamanic Studies

Shamanic Practice is considered one of the oldest spiritual practices and philosophies on earth. These practices can be found universally around the world in indigenous cultures. Shamanic practices are finding a revival amongst all peoples today as they teach us to uniquely connect with our Guides, Allies, and Teachers in the spirit realms while deepening any spiritual or religious practice. Charlynn teaches this to empower each student towards finding their own answers to life's questions through direct revelation. Within this practice are steps to connect with Guides that have been with us since before our incarnation. Connecting with this guidance helps us to align and re-align to our purpose, our spiritual path, and our highest good. Her classes give a solid foundation to incorporate this practice into one's life and continue with the deep found connections of our Guides and Allies. The classes are in-depth, one Saturday or Sunday per month, lasting 8 months for $50/class or $350 paid on first class. Class schedule and registration can be found on our calendar page. 

Manifestation Circles and Workshops

We create the world before us through the Universal Law of Attraction. Understanding our relationship with this law helps us to co-create with intention, purpose, and consciousness. Charlynn facilitates yearly workshops based on the Law of Attraction and the teachings of 'Abraham' through Esther Hicks. These teaching honor our sacred place in the Universe as leading edge creators of this time and space reality we call earth. Through these teachings one can shift the energies in their lives to reflect joy, peace, and abundance in all areas. Many of us are looking to "be the change you wish to see" and these teachings offer us a firm foundation and continuing pathway to achieve that change.

 ​​Please visit our calendar page for dates of circles and workshops, and sign up there.

​New Year's Day Vision Boards is a powerfully conscious way to start the new year. Creating, with intention, a vision board that shows, in imagery and focused words, what we choose to create going forward sets in motion co-creation between the Universe, our conscious and unconscious mind, and our whole being. Charlynn offers Sequoia Hall to gather, create, and share our dreams for the new year as we create our Vision Boards. Please RSPV, bring your own art materials (we have magazines to choose from) and snacks to share. Love offering suggested. 

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Hand Analysis for deeper understanding of self and Soul

Hand Analysis is the study of the hand; its shape, lines, mounds, the fingers; their zones and fingerprints. The lines of your hands are wave energy imprints from nerve endings in your brain. Hands share with us what is lying deeper in our subconscious. Philosophers and doctors have been studying the hands and their imprints for thousands of years. They know that each hand and set of fingerprints is unique. Doctor's studies have even shown correlations between some illnesses and certain hand characteristics. 

Charlynn is certified through the International Institute of Hand Analysis. This school of hand study looks deeply at the significance of our fingerprints which are the only permanent part of our hands (all the other parts of our hands are subject to change throughout our lives). Fully formed at sixteen weeks in-utero, we view the fingerprints as a 'souls' agenda to each person's life, offering one their Life's Theme(s) or School(s), Purpose(s), and Lesson(s) or Opportunities for Expansion. This information, alone, gives such a depth of understanding to our lives and our reason for being. Charlynn offers her readings as a means to inspire people to live their fullest potentials. Charlynn offers partial and full readings (1 1/2 hours with audio CD, hand prints, and documentation of fingerprints). She is available for parties and speaking engagements. 

Living on Purpose showcases Charlynn's other offerings that uplift, inspire, encourage, and empower our friends to live the life they dreamed and came here to express. We are expressions of the Divine; spiritual beings having a human experience. We came to manifest the best life we can imagine. Our offerings here at Weaving Unity Retreat Center support people upon their paths.

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Shamanic Class Testimonials

The year-long beginning Shamanic Workshop classes at the Weaving Unity Center were my first introduction to shamanism. I am so grateful my path lead me to Charlynn because her warm, welcoming energy and sacred retreat center allowed for a transformational experience in my life. Charlynn Atiam is the most loving, inspiring, and admirable person, with an amazing intention to spread love and wisdom of life. Through the length of the course, I worked with Charlynn to meet my Plant and Animal Allies, Spirit Guides, and Higher Self. This group of spirits are always present in my life, full of support and encouragement. Shamanism is a powerful tool that I would recommend to anyone who feels they are being called to learn more. RW


                                                                               Hand Analysis Testimonials

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and what you give to me (and the world). Every word you shared with my daughter was so heartfelt and tender. The session was all I had wanted it to be and more! V. L. Your reading said I am in the wrong place in my life and you said "do something about it". I did. I went online to find design school, found one, and I am now starting my second class. I have to tell you, Char, that I was very nervous at first, but things have really fallen into place.... This is totally meant to be. I can't thank you enough for helping me make this decision. Even if it doesn't work out, I have never been happier. I am finally doing what I always wanted to do. Thanks, Char. S.W.

Vision and Inner Quests

The Vision Quest is a time set aside in nature to achieve one's 'vision for life'. The traditional vision quest was set up for young boys in so that they could find their life's mission, purpose, or work. Today we offer quests for adults of all ages (and mature younger people) who are seeking to clarify their lives through: re-connecting with Spirit, the living Earth in nature, their own inner wisdom, and/or fulfilling any personal desire in creating a custom quest. A 'Vision Quest' is one in which the person sets an intention to spend time alone to connect with spiritual guidance regarding their life's purpose, mission, or vision. An 'Inner Quest' is one in which the person sets intention toward a personal desire and creates the time to connect deeply with Spirit. 

Sacred time for one's self is an act of renewal and rejuvenation. Taking time out of one's busy schedule to renew upon the Earth, rest in the natural rhythms of the day, and seek clarity in solitude and the company of Spirit is a gift not to be taken lightly. When sacred intention is created to make time for self and Soul, in a time honored tradition, heaven is called to earth that we may be filled. 

Charlynn co-creates with each person to individually tailor their quest to meet their intentions and needs. Each person chooses questing for different reasons and being able to co-create empowers the questor to receive more from their experience. Charlynn can provide everything from a silent retreat within a room at the center, to spaces in nature amongst the redwood forests and their powerful energies, to time in the center's 'Inner Quest Lodge' or our Weaving Unity dome. Many of us have not grown up being comfortable overnight in nature, having options allows everyone the ability to create time and space for the sacred quest our spiritual path calls us toward. Our unique 'Inner Quest Lodge' supports a person being in nature without the fears often associated with a quest in remote areas. This lodge honors the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, is built of copper, and like copper, serves as a conduit between heaven and earth. Reach out to with any questions, or desires to create your own quest.