Charlynn Atiam (formerly Char Lynn Ford) is an intuitive, inspirational, loving, wise woman whose strength is in holding space for others to come together, evolve, and experience connection through Love and Spirit. Her years upon this planet have strengthened her depth of spiritual connection, her wisdom in sharing words of insight, and her ability to create ceremony of the purest intent. She has many talents and shares from her heart openly. Below are her contributions that co-create wholeness and evolvement. Her heart's desire is to inspire, encourage, uplift, and empower others. 

Whole-Being Healing is a co-creative process between each person, Spirit, and Charlynn. Charlynn is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner of 20 years, Spiritual Coach, deeply intuitive, and works with the energies of crystals, minerals, essential oils, and sound vibration. The benefits of Whole-Being Healing are numerous as the integration of mind, body, emotions, and spirit are woven together. ​​

Weaving Unity offers Whole-Being Healing,  Hand Analysis, Shamanic Classes, Vision and Inner Quests.  You can work with Charlynn and set up healing while you are on retreat.  You do not have to be on retreat to work with Charlynn.    

Hand Analysis is the study of the hand; its shape, lines, mounds, the fingers; their zones and fingerprints. Charlynn was certified through the International Institute of Hand Analysis in 2000. She received such understanding about her life and Purpose that she uses this ‘tool’ as a means to help others understand who they are from a Soul’s perspective; our reason for being,  and offer guidance towards a fulfilling life.       

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Vision and Inner Quests are occasions where we set aside alone time to deeply connect with Spirit. Often this was done out in nature, but today it can be whatever serves and nurtures the person questing. Charlynn did her first quest in 1995 and has done several since. She believes in co-creating with each questor the experience that will gift that person their answers and vision. ​​

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Shamanic Practice is considered one of the oldest spiritual practices and philosophies on earth. These practices can be found universally around the world in indigenous cultures. Charlynn has been practicing and teaching Shamanic studies for over 20 years. Her classes offer a solid Shamanic foundation empowering us to find, and create a relationship with, our Guides an Allies.